Date:2005-07-10 05:58
Subject:And the lights fade
Mood: chipper

[If you've got even one functioning brain cell, I'm sure you saw this coming. I could do a whole long rambling speech about everyone I've met and had fun with over the past 3 1/2 years. The DTC. Truth or Dare. Trevor and Natalie and Gil and the Moffatts and the Hansons and the rest of the boyband personalities of years gone by, but I'm not going to. I will say this though:

It's been a good run, and a lot of fun. I've made friends and lost friends - as has Orli, and sometimes they even overlapped! But it's been 3 1/2 years, and it's really time to move on and let someone else pick up the torch.

I'll be leaving the journal up - only because I would still like to be able to pop in now and again and read about what everyone is up to - but as of today Orli's journal is closed and the role is up for grabs.

Good luck to everyone still playing, and to whoever picks up where I've left off. And many many many thanks to Andymun and Nataliemun and Dommun and Tiffmun and Debmun - wherever they may be. But most of all - thank you to Gilmun, Jerrymun - and yes, Haydenmun. You made the past 3 years some of the best times I've had. You supported me through bad times, and laughed with me through good times and you always made Orli's life more interesting.

Anyone who wants to get in touch, or stay in touch, can do so at obloom[at]goldustlady[dot]info

Cheers! ]

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one day I W I L L fly away leave all T H I S to yesterday what more could Y O U R love do for me? when will L O V E be through with me? why live life from dream to dream?

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i want S O M E B O D Y who cares for M E passionately with every thought and with every breath some O N E who'll help M E see things in a different light.

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friends say it's F I N E friends say it's good everybody S A Y S it's just like rock 'n' roll i move like a C A T talk like a rat sting like a bee B A B E i'm gonna be your M A N and it's plain to see Y O U were meant for me, yeah i'm your T O Y your 20th century boy.

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